Artist Statement

I'm a still-life painter pulling together weird little clusters of objects that I'm thinking about, creating cryptic still lives and secret little love notes. My narrative work represents authentic queerness and fragmented memories assembled through chromatic cross-sections. My paintings serve as a language of self-preservation - rebuilding a home with space for my whole identity. Nuanced narratives are embedded in objects observed from multiple perspectives over time. As I portray chromatic affirming experiences in the present, I also analyze the contrasting devastation beneath the surface. Through this multi-year observation, I create works that categorize emotional patterns, shifts, and healing by combining vivid memories, myths, joys, and pains.


Originally from West Chester, Pennsylvania, Meg Wolensky is a queer Philadelphia-based professional Arts Administrator, Visual Artist, and team leader with over ten years of program development and implementation experience. Meg performs oil painting as a healing practice to accompany C-PTSD recovery. In the aftermath, Wolensky translates colorful fragments of experiences, memories, and dreams into a cohesive whole. This evolving investigation takes physical form in paintings, drawings, photography, and collages that layer cross-sections of personal narrative.

Meg serves as the Managing Director of Continuing Education at Moore College of Art & Design where she is passionate about designing accessible arts experiences and work-readiness opportunities for marginalized professional artists and youth in need. With a BFA from the PAFA ('14) and an MS in Arts Administration from Drexel University ('16), Meg provides holistic solutions informed by creative strategy, nonprofit management, and audience research. She is passionate about coaching teams to success in creating arts education experiences with big impact. Outside of creating and working, she lends professional curatorial, grant-writing, art handling, and arts nonprofit administration strategy services to other queer artists, students, organizations and initiatives. Outside of work, Meg travels to visit art museums, curates exhibitions, and paints in their studio.  



Interested in commissioning an original piece of artwork? Let's discuss your vision and collaborate on a custom piece! I work with clients year-round on reasonably priced works with a quick turnaround. Please send all commission inquiries to

Curation & Art Handling

I have experience handling, installing, assembling, managing, online auctioning, and presenting artwork collections. Please send all curation and art handling inquiries to


When it comes to shaping the future of your organization, it pays to get the right advice. I specialize in nonprofit strategic planning, fundraising, project, and program management consultation. Please send all consultation inquiries to

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